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“Creative thinking, from all angles”

Think Food Concepts offers hospitality consulting services, providing operational and strategic consulting, market studies and restaurant management services.
Think Food Concepts is the preeminent global provider of hospitality consulting services, which provides operational and strategic consulting, market studies and restaurant management services to the hospitality industry.

Our professionals have extensive hands-on operating experience in all areas of the food and beverage industry including the development and management of hotel and freestanding restaurants, private membership clubs, banquet & catering facilities and institutional food service operations. Think Food Concepts using its talent and skills is determined to assist clients with the operation of their facilities, while creating superior levels of quality and profitability.

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Our philosophy is simple:

“Our success as consultants is based upon the success of our clients.”

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A Feasibility Study is an invaluable tool in evaluating the probability of success and risks associated with your restaurant project.

Our team will travel to your location and compare your concept’s unique features with your specific site attributes and then present you a financial forecast of your business.

A Business Plan is a formal presentation of the business goals, the reasons why we believed they are attainable, and the plan for reaching profit goals and creation of wealth.

We find a well-organized business plan can greatly improve your restaurant’s ability to consistently establish and meet objectives in a way that best serves the company’s owners, employees and investors. At The Think Food Concepts, we will deliver your customized business plan.

For the entrepreneur who has already set up his restaurant, you can engage me to look in from the outside. Consultants provide the alternate view that most business owners miss after being in it too long. You start to create biases and sentimentalism for your work. However the truth is what doesn’t work to bring in money, has to be changed. No matter how much you like it.

You need someone experienced to tell you what exactly needs to be changed, and not your best friend or Aunty who knows nuts about running a food business. Our team will spend 1 day observing, interviewing and reviewing your restaurant model, F&B operations and marketing, then produce a business analysis report.

After we diagnose out what is the problem, we will spend another day with you to make my recommendations and highlighting the business aspects that can be improved, and what else you must add to your marketing system or your food operations.

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Food is our passion! We believe food is the essence and soul of the restaurant. It is what first comes to mind when guests are making a dining decision and causes them to return to your restaurant time and time again.

Our approach when developing innovative menus and food offerings is to focus on creating food with integrity, food with honesty and food that is craveable. People these days want REAL food and not national chain formulas. We know food made from scratch and cooked to order sets the foundation of excellence in a restaurant’s food culture.

In every case we like to align ourselves with clients who share our same passion for food. We have found collaboration between enthusiastic clients and our consulting team always results in an outstanding food program.

Our kitchen management systems will give you the courage and confidence to quit reinventing your concept and instead focus on executing what you know you do well!
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For millions of diners, dining is more than eating out, its entertainment and if done well will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Memorable restaurant designs require an in-depth understanding of how restaurants operate, how employees will interact with the layout and design, and how to draw the guest into the experience.

With over 15 years of food service design experience and our strategic alliance with interior design and architect partners, The Think Food Concepts has a proven track-record of creating customized restaurants and food service designs.



Save yourself tens of thousands and get an experienced F&B specialist to look at what you are being sold before you invest such a large sum. As with real estate, take-over business profits are made the moment you buy.

At Think Food Concepts, creativity isn’t limited to just the art department. When you partner with us you’ll see innovative thinking from every team member, on every project.



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